TN’s interests over Palar river will be protected: Palaniswami

Chennai: Chief Minister K. Palaniswami on Tuesday said that his government is taking all legal steps to protect Tamil Nadu’s rights over the Palar river.

Replying to a special calling attention motion on the planned construction of 30 check dams across the Palar river by Andhra Pradesh, Palaniswami said his government is approaching the issue with legal care and is taking constructive steps to protect the state’s rights over the river.

Palaniswami said that his government has written to the Andhra Pradesh government on the matter on February 5, citing a case pending in the Supreme Court and making it clear that check dams should not be constructed across the Palar river till the case is decided.

Palar river originates in Karnataka and flows into Andhra Pradesh and then Tamil Nadu till it reaches the Bay of Bengal.