TN: Vaigai river in Madurai swells

Madurai: Rains in the catchment area, coupled with the recently released water from the Vaigai dam has led to heavy water flow in the Vaigai river here but instead of worrying, locals are happy and are seen taking photographs of the swollen river.

“The Vaigai Dam was opened before the Chithirai festival last year. But now it is the rainy season and we are very happy to see the dam open and the water comes into the river. It is good agriculture in the region,” a local Shameen told ANI on Monday.

According to locals, they are happy to see water in the mostly dry river, as they can use it to fulfill their daily water requirements amid a shortage in Madurai.

“We are very happy to see the water in the river again. But the people and politicians need to take action to collect water,” said one Kadhar Basha, who had come to the river bank to take pictures.

The swollen river water is also flowing over two causeways compelling police to take precautionary measures near the area barricading the banks and putting up cautionary notices.