TN students’ suicide: ‘My daughter was murdered’, claims victim’s father

Viluppuram : The father of one of the three girls, who committed suicide in Tamil Nadu, has raised suspicion over his daughter’s death and alleged that she was murdered.

Filing a petition in the Madras High Court, the father also alleged that the post-mortem was done without his permission, and, therefore, demanded that it should be done again in Chennai.

“I filed a petition in the Madras High Court that the post-mortem should be done again in Chennai. Without my permission, they did the post-mortem of my daughter. I think she was murdered,” he told ANI.

Yesterday, four people were detained in connection with this case where three second-year students of SVS Medical College of Yoga and Naturopathy and Research Institute at Kallakurichi near Viluppuram in Tamil Nadu committed suicide.

The girls, in their suicide note, have accused the administration of charging excess fees and ‘torture’ and blamed college chairman Vasuki Subramanian for their death.

The three girls namely E. Saranya and V. Priyanka (both 18 years) and T. Monisha (19 years) in a two-page suicide note said that the students had filed several complaints against Subramanian but to no avail. Citing “torture” by the management, the girls hoped that their suicide would finally force the authorities to take action against the chairman.

The girls accused the administration of charging ‘excess fees’ around Rs. six lakh and never giving the bill. They also mentioned that the college lacked proper classes or teachers and there was ‘nothing to learn’.

The students had been protesting for more than a month over lack of infrastructure, but it was only in the last two weeks that the protest turned vigorous. (ANI)