TN: Fishermen venture into sea as 45-day fishing ban ends

Chennai: Fishermen with mechanised boats in Tamil Nadu can now venture into the sea without restriction, as the 45-day- ban on fishing in the eastern coastal zone ended on the midnight intervening Sunday and Monday.
The 45 day fishing ban for mechanized boats, which began on April 15, was enforced for fish species propagation under the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Regulation Act.

The main aim is to safeguard fish in their breeding season and increase the fish catch.

The fishermen in Nagapattinam, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi, Pudukottai, Kanniyakumari

were yesterday seen getting their fishing boats ready by filling diesels and stocking it with ice boxes.

The Nagai administration had earlier issued a warning to fishermen not to cross the international maritime boundary line.

Indian fishermen venturing into Sri Lankan Maritime territory and being apprehended by their Navy has become a common occurrence in recent times. (ANI)