TMC’s Mukul Roy calls for removal of Left regime in Tripura

Agartala (Tripura) : Trinamool Congress vice president Mukul Roy and the six newly joined MLAs have called on the people of Tripura to oust the Left regime in the state.

Taking part in an anti- CPI-M rally here on Tuesday, Roy urged the people to strengthen the hands of the TMC as had been done in West Bengal.

Charging the Left with scare mongering, he said that this would not be allowed to continue for long.

“It is very natural that (CPIM) failed in Nandigram by showing people the rod, similar was the situation in Singhur or Netai. One cannot remain in power by scaring people as one or the other day will be ousted and this history has proved. Throughout the world communist had to face this………but it will be our appeal that the fight be democratic fought and we shall face you people in the war field,” said Roy on his very first public rally declaring the starting of the end of the communist rule in Tripura.

In the 60-member House, the Left Front has 50 seats and of the nine MLAs of Congress (after one resigned yesterday), six submitted the letter to the Speaker announcing their joining of the TMC. (ANI)