TMC MP tore into government point-by-point in her maiden speech

NEW DELHI: First-time Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, stole the limelight by delivering one of the most spirited speeches in recent parliamentary history.

In her fiery maiden speech in Parliament opposing the Motion of Thanks on June 25, the Krishnanagar MP declared that “all the signs of early fascism” were visible in the country. She said, “Only if you would open your eyes, you would see that there are signs everywhere, that this country is being torn apart.”

Moitra “humbly accepted the mandate” in favor of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), adding “dissent is all the more important” today.

“It is the very nature of the overwhelmingness of this mandate, of the totality of this mandate, that makes it necessary for us to be heard today, for the voice of dissent to be heard today,” she said.

Moitra added, “You may say that ache din are here and that the sun will never set on the Indian Empire that it [the ruling government] is seeking to build. But then, you are missing the signs. Only if you open your eyes, you will see there are signs everywhere that this country is being torn apart.”

Despite many interruptions from the ruling benches, Moitra pointed to seven signs that she felt were all “signs of early fascism”.

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Moitra defeated BJP’s Kalyan Chaubey by more than 63,000 votes in the recently concluded Lok Sabha general election.

And with her fiery maiden speech, Moitra won Twitter. Here’s how people responded to it.