TJS Insists on 12 Seats

Hyderabad: Even as the Mahakootami leaders have not announced the number of seats to be allocated to the Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS), TJS committee member, PL Visveswar Rao said today that the party will contest 12 Assembly seats in the State.

It may be mentioned that the Congress, the main party in the alliance, has stated that eight seats will be given to TJS.

TJS member told media today that party chief Prof. Kodandaram will announce the names of constituencies it will contest. Discussions are going on with Congress and other alliance partners on the number and names of the constituencies. He hoped the decision will be in their favour. He, however, added that there will be give and take policy among the alliance partners. Names of candidates will be announced after discussion in the Party committee, he said. The party is expecting Dubbaka, Station Ghanapur, Warangal East, Asifabad, Jangaon, Malkajgiri, Wardhannapet, Mahaboobnagar, Miryalguda, Medak, Amberpet seats.

Meanwhile, Jana Samithi is reported to have given a deadline till this evening to make an announcement on allocation of Miryalguda and Jangaon seats to it.

TIP Flays Mahakootami

In a related development, Telangana Inti party President Cheruku Sudhakar expressed ire over lack of social justice in seats allocation in Mahakootami. He regretted that the Mahakootami list is being prepared in Amaravathi.