TJAC heading towards split?

Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) appears to be heading towards a split.

JAC Convener Pitala Ravinder, Tanveer Sultana and other leaders on Wednesday wrote an open letter to JAC Chairman Prof. M. Kodandaram questioning the sacrifices made by him in achievement statehood for Telangana. They objected to Kodandaram’s recent statements where he hinted at launching a political party and formation of a new political front in the State. They said Kodandaram’s views do not reflect the unified opinion of entire JAC.

The JAC leaders said it was inappropriate for Kodandaram to do politics while continuing on the post of JAC Chairman. Accusing Kodandaram of acting in an autocratic manner, they alleged that Dalits, Bahujan and women were being neglected in the JAC. (INN