TISL in Lanka supports RTI Bill in its present form

Colombo : Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), the local global movement against corruption, has said that it would support the Sri Lankan Government in passing the Right to Information (RTI) Bill in its present form.

TISL executive director Asoka Obeyesekera said they have identified six areas in which the bill can be further strengthened and it has been compiled into a report and given to all 225 members of the Parliament,reports Lanka page website.

“While this bill can be improved in parts, we definitely support the bill as it stands,” Obeyesekera said.

The executive director dismissed the claims made recently by some groups that the RTI Bill would block the information.

He said that the RTI Bill has the power to show the people that it will allow disclosure of information to the public if there is overriding public interest.

Obeyesekera said the people, who are not knowledgeable about international RTI Bills and acts, are the ones creating fear around the act and that is a ‘big problem’.

He further said that the RTI Bill should at very least come in the present form in the Parliament and it should be supported by the people. (ANI)