Tiranga Yatra: Muslim designed National Flag, Owaisi reminds PM Modi

Hyderabad: All-India MIM chief Asaduddin lashes out at PM Modi’s initiative ‘Tiranga’ Yatra saying that leading RSS leader Vinayak Damodar Savarkar had denounced the tiranga.

The MP from Hyderabad dared PM Modi to speak on Savarkar’s view how he had opposed the tricolor flag because a Muslim had design the national flag.

Sarvarkar said, “I must emphatically state that the tricolor can never be recognized as Indian national flag,” claimed Owaisi.

He said that the BJP leaders are on nationwide ‘Tiranga Yatra’ after PM Modi issued directives to them, Owaisi said, “The Prime Minister should know that the national tricolour was designed by a Muslims.”

“Notwithstanding the fact that the contribution of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle is wittingly or unwittingly being ignored, the young generation should know the facts”, said Asaduddin Owaisi, on a two-day visit in Lucknow.

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Unlike the popular belief that the tricolor was designed by Pingali Venkayya, historians like Trevor Royle have claimed that it was a woman from Hyderabad, the actual the designer of the tricolor.

Suraiya Tayabji, wife of Badruddin Tayyabji – an ICS officer in Prime Minister’s office in 1947 and niece of Sir Akbar Hydari of Hyderabad made the remarkable and incredible contribution and gave us the final tricoloured beauty that we call our flag.

Surayya not Pingali Venkayya is the reason that saffron, white and green fill us with patriotic admiration.

The MP from Hyderabad claimed that the contribution of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle and that ‘maulanas’ had issued ‘fatwas’ against the British were “not mentioned” anywhere by historians because it was not written by a Muslim.