Tipsy person keeps police, fire service personnel at bay

An inebriated person kept police and fire service personnel at bay for nine hours near here last night after climbing a coconut tree to steal tender coconut for buying liquor, police said today.

Police said Madappan (50) came down only after much cajoling and after they said no case would be filed against

Police moved cautiously as he had a sickle with him and finally took him into custody.

Madappan was in the habit of stealing goods for buying liquor and last night after taking liquor he had
climbed a tree at Kunnathur near here to slash a bunch of tender coconuts, police said.

Police said that Madappan feared that the owner of the coconut grove would kill him or beat him and refused to come
down,despite repeated pleas.

When the fire service personnel arrived with ladder,he cut coconut fronds and threw it at them.He also threw coconuts at them,forcing the fire service personnel to retract their steps.

Police said the man kept them at bay from ten pm last nigth to six am today.

Madappan was let-off after being reprimanded, police said, adding, no case was filed as he did not steal anything.