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These tips will help Daddy’s to go on a shopping spree for their tiny tots!

These tips will help Daddy’s to go on a shopping spree for their tiny tots!

New Delhi : A father is always a superhero for his kids. He plays the most crucial role in our lives after our mothers, from being the bread winner to being our first friend as well as the strict disciplinarians in the house.

There are times when they act tough but we all know that they are nothing but big softballs at heart. They will drop everything to be with you when you are unwell and bring you they stand tall by us, emotionally and financially, till we venture out into the big bad world.

But there are times when this superhero of our lives is left troubled and clueless. And that one time is when they go out to shop for the little ones. So, this Fathers’ Day, we bring to you some basic kids shopping tips that every dad must keep in mind.

1. Size- Children grow fast. There are days when you would notice them reaching your knee and just a couple of months later, a few more inches get added up. Hence, their sizes are the first parameter that you should keep in mind. It is advised to purchase clothes which are one size bigger than the actual size so that they last longer in your child’s wardrobe.

2. Quality- Remember, quality is better than quantity. It is crucial to look out for the most comfortable, safe and easily washable fabric for your child in order to protect the skin from any harm.

3. Functionality- If your child accompanies you on shopping sprees, there will be days when they would want almost anything and everything for themselves. But that is where you have to make the sensible decision of purchasing what is functional and practical, best suited to your child’s requirement.

4. Trends and fashion- Keep a check on the different styles and trends that raid the markets. Along with that, don’t forget to keep a tab on the different seasonal color palettes that are usually seen in kid’s apparel.

5. Suitability- In the end, you should remember and carefully consider what kind of clothes would suit your child’s personality and would look good on him/her. (ANI)