Tips to stylishly dress up toddlers in autumn

New Delhi: It is time to rebuild the cool-weather wardrobe of your toddler as the season changes. Stock it up with bright colours like red and green and pay special attention to fabrics when you buy your child’s clothes, says an expert.

Here are some clothes-shopping tips for toddlers’ winter clothing from Mrs Sakshi Arora, fashion connoisseur from Kids Around multi-brand clothing store.

*Avoid bulky outfits: Toddler winter wear has to do more than keep a little body warm and dry. The child shouldn’t be so bundled up that he can’t climb the playground ladder. Plus, any item that he can pull on or take off himself will be most acceptable to an independent toddler’s me-do-it mind-set.

*Colour: Play with colours when it comes to winter since the weather features are typically dark and strong. Pick up a nice hues for your little ones like mustard yellow, browns, red, green, oranges, beige and warm tones.

*Fabrics: Pay special attention on fabrics when you buy your kid’s clothes. Opt for the warm, smooth and soft material. Fabrics like cotton, wool, faux fur, nylon are some of the options.

*Socks, gloves and hats: Make sure your child’s socks, gloves, hat and mittens are in the shopping checklist. It will keep them warm and protect them from winter.