Tips to remember while buying furniture for kids

New Delhi:Consider safety first, manage space and look for style while picking furniture for your child’s room, says an expert.

Nitin Talwar, director, Delhi-based children’s furniture brand Alex Daisy, has shared a few tips:

* While the modern styles and innovative ideas behind most current furniture designs can be quite child-friendly, the main thing we have to look out for is that any bedroom furniture for your child should be made from sturdy material.

* Look for furniture that offers storage solutions. A headboard that contains shelves to keep books and storage boxes that serve as chairs, will work well if your child’s room is not large in size. Having proper storage areas will assist your child to stay organised.

* The significance of picking up the right colour for a child’s room should not be neglected. Even the colourful designs of the furniture will attract the mindset of the child. The perfect blend of warm and cool colours will have a diverse impact on their mind, body and soul.

It is also important to pick styles keeping in mind the utility factor. Multipurpose furnishings in children’s rooms are ideal because they constantly need to be changed and modified as children grow. Having these can reduce the cost of purchasing new stuff every time a need arises.

* The furniture should come with non-toxic coatings and finishes.