Tips to keep fashion jewellery rust free

New Delhi [India]: Fashion jewellery can add a spark to your overall look at an affordable price. However, without proper care, artificial jewellery can get rust or get discoloured very easily and lose its shine and elegance. Unfortunately, imitation jewellery doesn’t last forever. It tarnishes, loses its color and shine, and breaks easily.

Here are few easy tips by Vikalp Bothara, founder,, to retain your jewellery’s durability:

· Keep the Jewellery clean & dry

Maintain the lustre of fashion jewellery by keeping it clean and dry. Whether it is a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, exposing fashion jewellery to any type of cream, lotion, perfume, oil or even water is an undeniable accelerator of rusting. Make sure to apply cream & perfume before wearing your jewellery.

· Clean up your jewellery after wearing

Sometimes some soap, oil, perfume may accidentally fall on your jewellery while you wear your ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet; it may cause blackness or dullness on your jewellery which may affect its sheen.

· Store it properly

Make sure you keep your fashion jewellery safe and cautiously. Neck pieces must vertically hang on hooks and the pieces of jewellery should not be in contact with one another and especially not with your precious jewellery that could suffer from corrosion. Always try to keep all your jewellery pieces in individual box or in a larger box with various boxes inside. Store the jewellery in a plastic container to maintain its shine.

· Don’t sleep while wearing your jewellery

Always make it a point to remove your jewelry piece before you doze off for sleep. If you are not doing it then this habit may lead to damage of your jewellery and might make it tarnish more quickly or even break it. And besides damaged jewelry could lose color or even injure and scratch your skin.

· Keep your fashion jewellery dry

Always make sure you are not wearing your jewellery when you are in a pool, or doing laundry, washing dishes. Never clean your jewellery with water as it can lead to rust immediately.

· Do not use any cloth to store your jewellery

Do not store the jewellery in velvet as the material might dull the shine of the jewellery. Rather you can keep your jewellery in Cotton to maintain its shine & quality. (ANI)