Tips for the would-be bride on wedding outfit

New Delhi: Looking for a wedding outfit can be fun and energising and is one of the initial steps a bride takes to begin planning her big day. There are a variety of things that go into your big day look, says an expert.

Ashima Singh, founder of Ashima Singh design label rolled out a few useful tips for the bride with regard to the wedding fashion:

*Decide on a vision: In most of the situations nowadays, the bride knows exactly what she wants, right to the smallest details. Sometimes though the bride has no idea what she wants, so it is important that she decides on it first. Try out different silhouettes and patterns before deciding on one.

*Get a second opinion: Having a second opinion is always a good idea. Involving a friend, close family member, siblings, or anyone else whose judgement you can trust. Sometimes another person can tell you if the attire is looking stunning on you or should you consider another option.

*Wear what’s appropriate: Choosing an appropriate shape for your body type is also important. This may become clearer once you actually try on dresses, so try to pick a few styles you would like, rather than just one. This is also about choosing something you feel comfortable in.

*Break stereotypes: The key trends are lighter silhouettes, pastel palettes and monotone ensembles. Try out different kinds of outfits, not just what’s trending. Another thing is to change the drape of your outfit. Play around with different draping styles, and choose the one that suits you the best and accentuates your look.

*Mix it up: Teaming a jazzy lehenga with a subtle choli or settling on a dupatta that has heavy embroidery is in vogue nowadays. Jackets teamed with kurtis and skirts, crop cholis teamed with plain high waist lehengas, sari gowns, and Victorian lehengas are some of the traditional choices that allow you to stand out.

*Minimalistic and versatile: Brides should avoid going overboard with their make-up and jewellery. Fresh and effortless make up styles are dominating bridal trends with clean bright looks. Classic updos like the chignon and French twist will continue to remain trendy while tousled waves are quite common for the pixie look at outdoor weddings.