Tinder turning users into non-committers

London : As the dating app Tinder’s popularity soars in recent years, the impact of its culture on relationships and overall human happiness is under fire.

Concern has been raised that the contemporary online dating has reduced the ability of users to devote themselves to one partner due to the shopping-like experience it creates, the Independent reported.

Journalist and Tinder user Siam Goorwich said that the thing with online dating and Tinder in particular is that it’s making people less likely to commit, adding that the users always think there’s something better out there, so even in the early stages of relationships, people are still going on Tinder and still looking for new partners or a better partner.

Charly Lester, who runs the UK dating awards, believes that people are getting more selective again as Tinder has given people a broad range of choices and now people are trying to pare back those choices with more niche dating apps.

However, Goorwich opines that dating needs to start off-screen to win romance back. (ANI)