Times Now calls Kerala ‘Thundery Pakistan’, faced the ire of Malayalis

NEW DELHI: English news channel Times Now faces backlash for referring Kerala, the South Indian state, Pakistan.

While covering the arrival of BJP President Amit Shah’s visit at Kochi airport, the channel has stirred a controversy by calling the state ‘Thundery Pakistan’.

Hordes of Malayalis and Keralites have not taken the headline kindly and in a matter of a few hours have turned the channel #Times Cow, #ApologiseTimesCow and #boycottTimesNow shot up the charts of trending hashtags.

Following the thunder-struck post and troll against the channel, Times Now on Saturday morning issued an apology for its mistake saying “the word Pakistan was inadvertently typed.”

The corrigendum said:

“Times Now regrets an inadvertent error reported on the channel on June 2, 2017, regarding Amit Shah’s visit to Kerala. Instead of Kerala, the word Pakistan was inadvertently typed. Times Now once again regrets the error which may have hurt sentiments.”