Time to end goondaraj of Samajwadi Party, graft of BSP: Amit Shah

New Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday attacked the ruling Samajwadi Party over the ongoing feud in the Yadav family, saying those responsible for governing the state are busy abusing each other.

“The ones, who were given power to bring development in the state, are today busy in insulting each other,” Shah said while addressing an impressive public rally before commencing the “Parivartan Yatra” of his party.

He said western UP had contributed majorly to the stunning victory of the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, so the yatra has been kicked off from here.

“Uncle is busy in abusing his nephew and nephew is busy in abusing his uncle,” Shah quipped.

The BJP President’s remarks came after Samajwadi Party General Secretary Shivpal Singh Yadav on Saturday again made a veiled attack on his nephew at the Silver Jubilee celebration of the party in Lucknow.

Referring to his dismissal from the state Cabinet twice, Shivpal said that he is neither greedy for any post nor any ministry. He also said if the party so wishes, he is ready to give even his blood and everything at his command.

“While some people get power in lineage, there are many who are silent workers,” Shivpal said.

Even Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav took a dig at his uncle after the latter presented him a sword and said, “You have given me a sword and I will use it.”

Shah exuded confidence that by December 24, the party’s target of two-thirds majority would be met, as “the people of the state are now in no mood to tolerate the corruption of Mayawati and the goondaraj of Samajwadi Party government”.

These two parties, he alleged, have brought the wheel of development to a grinding halt in the state and that for development to ring in again, the BJP is the best choice.

The BJP President pointed out how under the watch of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Jawaharbagh incident had happened, in which a SP and a police inspector had died, apart from 24 others.

He also said that the Bulandhshar gang rape, killing of policemen, police officers’ posting scam and many other incidents are a poor reflection on the Samajwadi Party government and the time has come for the people to bid adieu to them.

Targeting Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati, the BJP President said, “Remember your rule Behenji, when most attacks on the Dalits took place in Uttar Pradesh?”

“Maximum murders took place during Mayawati’s rule, while the crime rate was 30 per cent above the national average. There was also rampant corruption when Mayawati was the CM,” Shah said.

He also reminded the BSP chief of the scams which took place during her tenure.

“If BSP again comes to power, UP will not benefit but Mayawati will have additional 200-300 statues of her own across the state,” Shah mocked.
He slammed the SP and the BSP for the poor condition of the state and said that during their 15-year rule, they have derailed the growth process in Uttar Pradesh.

Raking up the issue of migration from western UP, Shah said, “During SP’s rule, crime has grown by a massive 161 per cent. Western UP has been worst hit, and as a result, the inhabitants of this region have been forced to migrate to other states.”

“I assure all of you that if the BJP forms government in UP, no one will have to leave his or her village. If anyone has to leave, it will be those who are trying to uproot you from your homes and villages,” he said.

The BJP President also targeted the SP and the BSP for giving tickets to criminals and said, “Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had said that till the time he is the CM, Mukhtar Ansari and Afzal Ansari will have no place in the SP. The voter of UP today wants to know whether now both of them are in SP.

“Why do you continue to be the CM of the state?” he asked.

He also said, “The entire SP is full of Mukhtars, Afzals, Ateeqs and Azams, while the BSP has Naseemuddin. There is devil on one side and deep sea on the other.”

Attacking the Congress for doing politics over the death of an ex-serviceman, Shah said, “A soldier has committed suicide and they are doing politics for vote bank. This is disgusting.”

Slamming Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Shah said, “Rahul Gandhi talks about OROP (One Rank, One Pension), but it is the BJP government that implemented the policy while the Congress dragged it for decades.”

Attacking the opposition over triple talaq issue, Shah said, “The Congress, SP and the BSP have been protesting the government’s response to the Supreme Court query on the issue of triple talaq.”

“Even Muslim women have the right to a secure and safe life and practices like triple talaq should go. For the sake of votes, these parties are playing with the rights of Muslim women,” Shah alleged.

The Parivartan Yatra will pass through all the assembly constituencies of the state and reach Lucknow on December 24.