Time to empty out your wallet for these Steam Summer Sale must buys

New Delhi : It’s time to stop whatever you’re doing and go online to buy some PC games, because the Steam Summer Sale is officially live. Offering big games — and bigger discounts – the steam store is one of the world’s largest digital distribution platforms, or in layman’s terms, online game stores. Now with over 12,000 titles on sale, it’s time to see just what games are worth buying.

1. Doom

The popular reboot of the Doom franchise, Doom is currently the top seller among all steam games. Coming jam packed with relentless demons, destructive guns and fluid gameplay, Doom sets the foundations for an intense first-person shooter.

Steam Rating: 91%

Current Price: ₹1,799 (40% off)

2. Fallout 4

Coming to you from award-winning Bethesda Game Studious, Fallout 4 welcomes you to post apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287, 210 years after a devastating nuclear war. Players can explore this open world, battling, scavenging and fighting your way to the top.

Steam Rating: 80%

Current Price: ₹2,149 (50% off)

3. Stardew Valley

In this hit indie game, you’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you begin your new life in Stardew Valley. Will players live of the land, and thrive in such harsh conditions in this unique gaming experience?

Steam Rating: 97%

Current Price: ₹383 (20% off)

4. Counter-strike: Global Offensive

Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands upon the team based shooter action it was based upon in its original launch 14 years ago. Featuring new maps, characters and weapons, CSGO is clearly a must buy for anyone wanting to experience a first person shooter.

Steam Rating: 93%

Current Price: ₹239 (50% off)

5. Dark Souls III

Known worldwide for its intense difficulty and harsh playstyle, the latest chapter in the critically acclaimed series, Dark Souls, has continued to define the Dark Fantasy RPG experience. Now with harder enemies, quests and bosses, players will have to gruel through each level in this fitting conclusion to the Dark Souls franchise. Prepare yourself and embrace the darkness!

Steam Rating: 86%

Current Price: ₹3,224 (25% off)

6. Rocket League

Who knew soccer and driving was a match made in heaven? With Rocket League, the new physics based multiplayer extravaganza, players can choose from a variety of high flying vehicles, equipped with huge rocket boosters. Have fun scoring amazing aerial goals and pulling of incredible automobile related saves.

Steam Rating: 93%

Current Price: ₹339 (40% off)

So, what are you still doing here, go out and have fun gaming.(ANI)