Time to ban Karni Sena and Punish the perpetrators of violence

Gurugram: At the event of World economic forum in Davos, PM Modi spoke of red carpet replacing the red tape for investors. But the message that has been going to the world by the actions of the Karni Sena which went on rampage in protest against the film Padmavat, will definitely show us in a bad light.

In Gurgaon, the hooligans associated to the Karni Sena attacked a school bus with students. A 13-second video went viral on Social media, in which school children can be seen trembling with fear. Yet, the Haryana government’s ineffectiveness in dealing with the situation shows the ruling government’s close proximity to the Karni Sena because both of them share the same ideology.

Ironically, both the BJP and Congress remained silent on the violence by Karni Sena. This is probably due to both parties considering Rajputs as their vote bank.

Seeing the extent of violence and the damage to the public property, the Karni Sena must be definitely outlawed.

One’s right to feel offended cannot take away others right to life and personal liberty and this has been guaranteed by the constitution. Law and order is a state subject but the Haryana government has failed to do its duty.