TikTok star banned after exposing Apple’s bias against Palestine

Days after a TikTok star posted a video exposing Apple’s bias against Palestinians, her account was banned by the video-based social networking platform.

Maya-Nora was given no notification or warning before her account was suspended, six days after she posted a video that exposed how the company founded by Steve Jobs took a stand against Palestinians.

Maya Nora in her video revealed how Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, did not recognize any parts of Palestine but was able to identify and display the time in Israel.

The creator’s video was widely shared over social networking sites with over 2 million views.

“I did not get any warning any explanation or notification about the whole happening and it was gone..bye..bye, which is very frustrating because I worked very hard. Digging deep into different topics, talking with people, talking about culture but also historical things,” Maya Nora was quoted by the Middle East Eye.

“There is so much we can do online about raising awareness and now there is so little I can do because I got shut down, even though I don’t know why exactly,” she added.