TikTok makes it easier for creators to connect with fans

San Francisco: Chinese short-video making app TikTok has officially launched a new question and answer feature that gives viewers and creators new ways to connect.

In videos, users will be able to designate their comments as Q&A questions, which are then labeled as questions in the comments section.

“This makes it easy for a creator to quickly identify and answer questions in their videos’ comments,” TikTok said in a statement on Thursday.

Creators can then respond to questions with comment responses or video replies, just like they would for other video replies to comments, and add Q&A comments as stickers in responses.

The new video will link back to the original, where the question was first asked.

The feature is available on both pre-recorded and live videos.

Questions and answers are a big part of conversations on TikTok.

Viewers ask questions to learn more about a creator and dive deeper into content, and creators answer audience questions to connect directly with their communities.

TikTok said that a Q&A profile link will also be added to creators’ Profile bios, which leads to a separate Q&A page where all questions and answers are aggregated.

Users will be able to browse earlier questions and answers and submit new questions directly from the Q&A page.

“Q&A features will also be available in LIVE, giving creators the ability to quickly see Q&A questions in their stream chats from a separate panel,” the company said.

Video Q&A features are available to users with ‘Creator Accounts’, it added.