Tiger Shroff wants stuntmen to get due recognition

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, known as the action hero of the new generation, says stuntmen and fight masters should get more respect and recognition as they risk their lives every day on film sets.

The actor was here on Friday to share a special video of action sequences from his upcoming film “Baaghi 2” with the media.

Mentioning the crucial role that every stuntman plays on the set of any action film, Tiger said: “I feel there should be more safety and respect paid to the stuntmen who are working with us constantly.

“Every day they are risking their lives. They are literally stepping out of their house, saying ‘goodbye’ to their family without knowing if they will go back home alive. Considering that, they get very less recognition.”

“If our ‘Baaghi 2’ does well and ‘Baaghi 3’ gets a good business and I can establish myself, I would like to do something for the recognition of all our stuntmen who work with us. I want to have some special awards or something that could give them recognition,” he added.

Actress Disha Patani and director Ahmed Khan were also present.

About how the shooting of action films has improved with much better and well-equipped safety measure, Ahmed said: “Earlier there was no VFX so actors used to jump directly and they used to fall on the boxes. The risk was huge. They could break their legs.

“Today, it is much improved … stuntmen, fight masters who come from abroad for our films are highly professionals. So I would say there is 25 per cent safety from their end, 25 per cent safety that comes from the actor who prepares himself for extensive training. That is how we secure 50 per cent of the safety while shooting any action films now.”

“Baaghi 2” releases on March 30.