Tide may be finally turning against Israel in United States

Washington: The tide may be finally turning against Israel in the United States. The contemptuous way Benjamin Nethanyahu treated Barack Obama with and then allied himself very closely with Trump and the Republican Party was a strategic blunder. Trump no doubt helped Israel greatly by declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the American Embassy there and allowed thousands of new homes to be built in the illegal settlements. But the loss of Donald Trump and the rise of an angry progressive wing of the Democratic Party who are inclined to punish all who were associated with Trump has put Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia , Mohamed bin Zayed of the UAE and General Sisi of Egypt in big trouble. This is obvious by the increasing support, the Boycott and Divestment movement ( BDS) is getting on college campuses.

Another indication is a recent recommendation by a committee that looks after cultural sensitivity in the important school of Schenectady in New York State asking teachers to describe Israeli policies using terms like apartheid and ethnic cleansing. This has evoked a panic reaction from the leaders of the Jewish community. Unfortunately, very few Muslims have shown the courage and the vision to use this opportunity.

Dr Shaik Ubaid who is originally from Hyderabad and who has been active in the field of social justice and human rights has once again stepped forward to defend the school committee. Dr Ubaid heads ASPAIRE , the Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists.