Three TRS MLCs disqualified from Telangana Legislative Council

Hyderabad : The Telangana Legislative Council on Wednesday notified that three MLCs, who belong to TRS party, were disqualified from the Legislative Council.

The three MLCs, who switched loyalty to the Congress party in recent elections to the Telangana Assembly, have been disqualified with immediate effect, under Para 2 (1) (a) and Sub-Para 3 of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India and Rule 6 of Telangana Legislative Council (disqualification on the grounds of defection).

The MLCs are K Yadav Reddy, elected by MLAs, R Bhoopathi Reddy, elected from Nizamabad Local Authorities Constituency, and Sabavat Ramulu Naik, a nominated member.

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) has filed disqualification petitions against the three legislators with the council chairman K Swamy Goud recently.

Speaking to ANI, Bhupathi Reddy said: “The decision taken by the Council chairman to disqualify us is one-sided and totally biased. There are many mistakes in the notice served to me.”

“They stated in the notice that I was elected from the TRS party but I was elected unanimously without any party symbol with local body authorities. They also said in the notice that I have elected from the Governor quota and in one more paragraph they said I have defected from the TRS to the TRS party. There are a lot of loopholes in the notices served,” he said.

Reddy said: “If the Council chairman were serious about our issue, then he would have referred the matter to the Privilege Committee. There are many people who defected from other parties to TRS but he has not initiated any action against them.”

He said that the Council chairman was being pressurised by the ruling government and is totally biased. “We are going to challenge the notice in the court. The Chairman is behaving like a puppet of the ruling party,” he said.