Three drunk students detained at Metro station

New Delhi: Three drunk youths were detained from the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station after they created a ruckus and raised anti-India slogans when they were denied entry inside the station by security personnel.

The three students were returning home after partying at a pub yesterday and when they entered the queue to board the metro, they were not allowed since they were drunk, police said.

Angered at not being allowed to use “public transport”, they took to shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans around 9 pm, said a senior police officer.

They were caught by the CISF and handed over to Delhi Police, he said.

They were interrogated till 4 am this morning and were let off, he added.

The parents of the three youths are senior officers in the UP Government and the trio are students.

One of them is a mass communication student at Sharda University. One of them is studying law at Lucknow University and had come down to celebrate his friend’s birthday. The third one is undergoing coaching at an institute in Vijay Nagar.