Some thought-provoking lines from “A Systematic Study of the Holy Quran” – 7

(Dr. Javed Jamil)
* Islam is a fully-grown system, which, like every other system of governance, needs to propagate its ideology, safeguard its interests, protect its followers and areas of influence and combat any actions of hostility directed against it.

* Jihad means struggle; it denotes earnest efforts to achieve Islamic objective of grand peace and safeguard its ideological, political and geographical sovereignty. Under normal circumstances, Jihad primarily involves intellectual, political and social means; in extraordinary circumstances, it does not shy away from adopting military or militant means.

* Jihad is not for selfish geographical, political and economic interests of a country or a group of countries. In contrast, it is aimed at ensuring peace, rescuing people in duress and fighting the forces of evil, exploitation and injustice.

* Jihad is meant for protecting the weak against the mighty; for alerting the forces of evil that their sordid adventures will not go unchallenged; for giving the oppressed sections a voice and wrecking the nerve-centres of the tyrants; and for giving the exploiters sleepless nights.

* Jihad through peaceful means must always continue without halt; Jihad through arms must be an aberration. Fighting against the wicked is no violence; it is an exercise aimed at minimising violence.

* The ultimate objective of Jihad is not the subjugation of the enemy but an end to mischief, anarchy, chaos and oppression.


* Justice is the most powerful arsenal for defeating chaos of all types in society. Justice must not only be done but must also be seen done. Furthermore, it must be achieved swiftly.

* The modern judicial system is advanced in method but extremely poor in results. It appears to profess humanity but promotes inhumanity.

* Islamic system of justice is based on speedy trial and a punishment equal to the crime with right to pardon only in the hands of the victims or the heirs of victims.

Promotion of good and campaign against vices
* Islam does not want its followers to be passive spectators but wants them to engage in amr bil maruf (active promotion of good activities) and nahi anil munkar (aggressive campaign against unacceptable activities). God wants Muslims to act as active propagators of justice, peace, equality and righteousness and as ceaseless campaigners against chaos, social evils, corruption, crimes, oppression and exploitation.

* Championing the good and campaigning against evils must involve efforts at every level—local, state, national and international. Each and every social institution—clergy, intellectuals, academic institutions, media, courts, social and welfare organisations, executive machinery of the countries, international organisations like UNO, WHO, NAM, SAARC and Arab League must contribute to this exercise.

* The world must be told in no uncertain terms that no short-term or half-hearted measures will suffice to counter the vices that endanger human health, destroy family peace and threaten social order. There is no place for chaos and things and practices that spread chaos in a civilised world.

* Real peace is to be achieved through gentle and effective ways of preaching. The world has to be convinced that Qur’an indeed provides that system. This has to be done through proper articulation of the message of God, persuasive argumentation, analysis of the current system, its weaknesses and the superiority of Islamic system in eradicating the problems of the current world.

Learning and Researching

* Learning and researching are extremely important, as these discover or invent not only the paths to progress but also the ways to thwart the designs of the enemies of peace.

* The inability of Muslims to concentrate on scientific researches, coupled with the loss of political domination has provided the economic fundamentalists an easy platform to utilise scientific discoveries and innovations in highly unethical, immoral and devastating ways.

* We are now living in a world where peace and prosperity have become each other’s detractors. Had the scientific and intellectual advancement taken place under the umbrella of Islam, peace and prosperity could have become friends rather than foes.

* Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”, “Qur’anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. Read more about him at Facebook page:, also He can be contacted at