Those who cheat the nation will be exposed, says Shah Faesal

New Delhi: Former IAS topper, Dr. Shah Faesal in his Facebook post mentioned that these days nation is facing the situation of suspicion. The reason for this is that some persons are cheating the nation to fulfill their vested interests.

Citing the unrest after the assassination of Burhan Wani, some people opined that it is an outburst of injustices and violation of promises made to Kashmiris during the past 70 years.

He mentioned that the closure of schools was cited as an example of restoring normalcy. Some fake leaders approached the government and told that this agitation is the result of unrest of the employees who were posted at far off places to work. If Govt. provides the jobs and quarters in Srinagar, the situation could be brought under control.

He pointed out that it is not a sin to cooperate with the government in restoring normalcy but underhand dealings with the government to fulfill the vested interests of some persons is very bad.

He advised the people to keep on asking questions to the leaders. He also said that he would expose the irregularities of the leaders who cheat the nation in order to get their personal benefits.