Those invoking my name for illegal activities will not be spared: Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: The Telangana state home minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali made it clear that strict action will be taken against those who invoke his name in carrying out illegal activities.

There were media reports which suggested that some officials of the home minister’s staff and others claiming to be his relatives are involved in land grabbing and extortion. 

After these reports, the home minister instructed the higher officials to conduct inquiry in the matter.

The home minister categorically stated that anyone from his staff found involved in such illegal activities will not be spared. 

Mahmood Ali said that he had nothing to do with anyone claiming to be his relatives and doing illegal activity.

The minister said if anyone provides information about bribe being paid to any of his staff, he will dismiss those guilty officials from the service.

An ex-serviceman’s land was occupied in Vijay Nagar Colony by people claiming to be close relatives of the state home minister.

Another report said Rs. 2.5 lakh was taken to solve a work related issue of a jail employee.