This Levi’s jacket makes sure you don’t leave your phone behind

California [United States], December 10 (ANI): It’s hard in today’s time to ‘forget’ your phone behind, but Google and Levi have built a new feature for their smart jacket which will help you avoid situations where you forget to take your phone.

The Jacquard smart jacket comes with a feature called Always Together, which triggers an automatic alert that goes off if the jacket moves far away from the phone, The Verge reports.

The alert goes off in the form of a notification vibration, both on your phone and the jacket’s sleeve tag that blinks and vibrates.

In addition to the smart new feature, the jacket also uses touch inputs to control things on your smartphone such as music, navigation pings, and so on. The smart jacket is priced at USD 350. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]