‘This is DPS belt’: Desi mom reacting to 35K Gucci belt is relatable!

Overpriced products and Indian mothers do not go well together, is a fact. Desi mothers will go to any extent to prove that a product is better off at a much cheaper price.

In a similar instance, a viral video shows a mother’s reaction to a daughter buying an Rs. 35,000 branded belt from Gucci. The reaction is, obviously, very relatable. Her reaction is as desi as it can get, netizens say.

In the one minute clip we can see the mother, Anita opening a gift box consisting of a belt her daughter bought from the luxury fashion brand.

To which the mother replies that it looks similar to the belts worn by the students of Delhi Public School (DPS) in Ranchi. And when asked for the price by the daughter, she gets shocked hearing the actual price to be Rs 35,000.

She further even states that the same thing can be bought for Rs 150 if the Gucci buckle was replaced, also including the school uniform.

As the video was posted on Instagram by the daughter, Chabi Gupta, it has gone for the hilarious roast of the famous brand. One guy commented, “Meri Mumma Hoti toh kehti wapas Karo jaldi isko,” and another person just stated, “ghar ghar ki kahani”.

Don’t we all relate too?