This bizarre ‘Rooh Afza maggie’ dish takes internet by storm

Souls on the Internet have been gravely injured after they came across another bizarre dish ‘Rooh Afza Maggie’.

Rooh Afza, meaning soul refresher, is a concentrated squash, served as a soothing drink, on hot summer days generally with water, milk, or lassi.

The video was shared on Instagram by a food blogger, Arjun Chauhan, and received over 123k likes, 4.3 million views, and 1617 comments, in a span of one week.

The internet has also seen bizarre food experiments like the Strawbiryani, Croissant vada pav, pineapple burger, and rasgulla chaat. Roohafza Maggie is just another abomination to add to the list. It bares proof to the fact that the world is still an evil place, beyond redemption.

The reel uploaded by the user @oye.foodiee, who denied sharing the location, shows a vendor preparing instant noodles and drizzling a large amount of Rooh Afza, before serving it on a plate.

Instagram users are divided on the issue with some willing to take up the challenge and others appalled by the dish. “Mana ki khatro se khelne ki aadat hai but ye kya kra hai😂😂” (We agree that one should attempt danger/adventure but what is he doing?) commented a user.

While it pains our eyes to see the dish, it is unclear how it tastes. Although truth be told, this reporter doesn’t know anybody who would be willing to find out.