This AP man has a trick to make COVID disappear; leaves internet in splits!

Ananthapuram: COVID-19’s second wave of infections has left both governments and health care systems stressed already. There is no respite in sight, the scientists said, and are even predicting another deadly wave.

But, a stenographer in Andhra Pradesh’s Ananthapuram district has got us all covered. He has a trick to make the deadly virus disappear. But, how?

Well, not very tough too. Just rename the virus to ‘Caronaa’ and the disease to ‘COVVIYD-19’. Then, make banners with the names to tie them to the doors and public places. By doing this, he ensures that ‘Caronaa will be disappeared not only from Ananthapuram district, but also from the world.’

“This is a guarantee as it is a divine power as per numerology (sic),” the stenographer, SV Annandd Rao, writes in a banner.

Annandd Rao’s name is also evidently a result of his numerology belief.

The man’s suggestion has left the internet in splits. Some of them even said that it should be considered. 

Here are some hilarious responses:

As the COVID-19 cases rise every day increasing the fatality rate exponentially, the world is looking for a definite solution out of it. These superstitions are insensitive and only turn our heads away from how serious this crisis is.