Third wave of COVID-19 may pose risk to children

Hyderabad: Medical experts have warned that the third wave of coronavirus pandemic will be dangerous for children who are below 2 years of age. Therefore, parents have been advised to take utmost care of the better health of their younger children.  

In the first wave of COVID-19, fewer deaths were reported, however, in the second wave, a spike in both the number of cases and deaths was witnessed.

With people unable to cope with the second wave of COVID-19, the possibility of a third wave is looming on the heads.

According to the Chairman and Managing Director of Rainbow Group of Hospitals Paediatric Dr. Ramesh Kancharla there is a prediction of the third wave of COVID-19 but no one can say when it will actually happen, for how many days it will stay, and how much misery it will cause.

Dr. Kancharla said that in the research it has been found that children below 2 years of age will be affected.

The doctor added that the black fungus infection does not infect children because the doctors do not recommend the use of steroids in their treatment of coronavirus disease. Dr. Kancharla further said high fever, cough, cold, vomiting, pneumonia and motions are the symptoms that could be found in children during the third wave of coronavirus.