They intended to kill me: Swami Agnivesh

New Delhi: Swami Agnivesh who has returned home after undergoing treatment at the Trauma Centre at Safdar Gunj Hospital, told that he was assaulted by a group which he describes as a “BJP-Sangh Parivar lynch mob” in Jharkhand when he went to address a rally of the Pahadia Tribal community. His ribs still hurt and he speaks with pain with wounds on his body and his bruised legs.

More than a hundred people knocked off his turban, tore at his kurta and dragged him down, pounding his ribs. He told that they intended to kill him however luckily he escaped.

They were telling ‘you favour beef eaters, you don’t have the right to live in India, you leave India.’ They were none other than BJP and RSS activists, revealed social worker Swami Agnivesh. It was planned and was done in connivance with the administration, he claimed. Police didn’t reach the spot even after half an hour of the attack. Those who were arrested were released after two hours. This shows that the administration was involved in the planning, he said.