‘They can find 3000 condoms but not a missing Najeeb’: Kanhaiya hits out at Modi government

New Delhi: Former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar has come down heavily on the Modi government for its failure to find JNU student Najeeb Ahmed saying that the authorities are “intelligent” enough to find 3000 condoms but fail to locate Najeeb.

“They had such intelligence, they could count the number of condoms that were being used in JNU but they can’t use that intelligence to find out where is Najeeb after so many days.”

According to the NDTV, Kumar during the launch of his book, “From Bihar to Tihar” criticised BJP-led NDA government especially the BJP lawmaker Gyandev Ahuja, who earlier in February had said that at least 3000 condoms are found in JNU campus everyday.

“In JNU daily you find 3,000 beer cans and bottles, 2,000 Indian liquor bottles, 10,000 cigarette butts, 4,000 beedis, 50,000 bone pieces, 2,000 wrappers of chips, 3,000 used condoms and 500 abortion injections,” the BJP lawmaker had said.

It may be recalled that Najeeb Ahmed, MSc Biotechnology first year student went mysterious missing on the intervening night of October 14-15 after being brutally beaten by a 20-strong mob of ABVP students.