These membership Apps are a must for working women!

New Delhi: Having an App is no big deal. But social media and cab-calling apps are too common these days.

It’s now time to get Apps which let you do a lot more with your time and give you control of your lives.
Here are a few apps that offer value-for-money offers:


Lifeasy comes to the rescue with over 200 services in 18 categories, at your convenient time. With its amazing subscription plans, Lifeasy makes life truly easy for its users. Its membership plan gives you flat 20 percent discount on all home services.


The answer to a long tiring day. Binge watching your favourite series or catching up on cinema is one of the greatest pleasures of life and Netflix is your answer to that.
World cinema, exclusive productions, previews and much more- that’s what Netflix stands for and it’s one of those Apps which is very easy to navigate and works across your TV, phone, laptop or tablet.


The biggest time kill today is driving for hours in a jam to reach office or home, all pooped out. But what could be better than a cab in the crazy rush-hour? An environment-friendly Shuttl.

An App based bus service, where you can schedule your bus, as per a time you want. Shuttl is a savior for working women who don’t want to travel alone and also want to do their bit for the environment.

Rent it Bae

When was the last time you wanted to wear the same outfit twice? If your answer is NEVER, then Rent it Bae is the App you want. Making sense of all the styles and latest designs, Rent it Bae is your partner to try out all those trendy pieces that you want to impress but not buy, because you wouldn’t be caught dead in the same ensemble twice.


If your excuse to not be healthy is the getting up early and exercising, then Curefit is the answer to all your woes. When Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff join hands to make a holistic health app ranging from good diet to effective workouts and relaxed minds, you are rest assured that fitness and health will come to you instead of you pleading the other way around. (ANI)