These madrasa students wear pant, shirt and tie

Rampur: Minister in Uttar Pradesh government Mohsin Raza is talking of implementing a dress code in madrasas. However, there is a school in Rampur where the students have been wearing the dress and tie like the English medium schools for 15 years. They look as if they are the students of any convent school. There are a number of madrasas in Rampur, but Jamaitul Ansar is different from them.

This madrasa located near Gunj police station looks like a private school where the co-education system is prevalent. Students learn Hindi, Urdu, Maths, science and also Sanskrit. Besides they are also getting a computer education. Students from far off places come to the madrasa to study there. The madrasa was established in 1951 by Hafez Kalb-e Hasan Ansari. After his demise in 1996 his son, Khaled Ansar took over the administration. He linked it with modern education along with the religious education. He implemented dress code like convent schools. The students wear blue pant, white shirt and also wear a blue tie with batch and monogram.

Hindu students also study in the madrasa.