These companies give female staff extra leave to search for partners

Dubai: How often do you come across companies that offer you a little extra time off to search for a suitable partner?

Interesting isn’t it? According to sources, two Chinese companies thought out of the box to offer the most ‘unusual’ present to its unmarried staff during one of the longest public holidays in the nation.

Yes, the companies offered its unmarried female employees over the age of 30 an extra time off so that they could find a partner, Khaleej reports.

The two Chinese companies operate one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, the Songcheng theme park in Hangzhou.

Deciding to give its female employees an opportunity to find a life partner, the companies also offered to gift their employee a salary bonus if she is able to get married before the end of 2019.

Women over 30 in the country will now get an additional leave extending to 15 days and more instead of the usual week-long break from February 4-10 which is given to the rest of the country.

Female workers in the region welcomed the news said Huang Lei, human resources manager of Hangzhou Songcheng Performance. Lei.