There is more to life than Instagram and selfies: Shahid Kapoor

New Delhi: Actor Shahid Kapoor, who is quite active on social media, urged people not to make virtual reality their “everything” as he feels there is more to life than that.

In an interactive session of the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2018 on Saturday here, the “Padmaavat” actor said: “Now a lot of kids are focusing on how they look and spending a lot of time on it.

“We all are human beings, everybody wants to get dressed down. It is okay to wake up looking groggy. One should understand what matters the most. There is more to life than Instagram and selfies. People should take out time for the things which are far more important than just looks.”

Shahid also shared how he is taking out time from his work so that he can be with his family and his new born son Zain.

“There was a lot of pressure on me, as I was constantly thinking should I spend my nights at the hospital or should I go out for work. But, It was important for me to recognise what is important for me at this point of time.

“So, for me spending time with my family matters the most right now, my job being an actor and looking good and being presentable can wait for a few days.”

Shahid will be seen in the forthcoming film “Bati Gul Meter Chalu” alongside actress Shraddha Kapoor.