targets placing 2.5 lakh candidates in this financial year

New Delhi:, the most popular Web Online Job Portal in India has announced that it will help as many as 2.5 lakh candidates find suitable jobs within this financial year.

The company also announced that it will be soon extending their network from an office in Mumbai to a second in tech city Bengaluru.

Founded by Abhimanyu Jain, acts as an intermediary between the job providers and the unemployed.

Commenting about their plans for the portal, Jain, says, “I didn’t want my portal to be an exchange for only senior and middle level management jobs, or for those seeking jobs only in the engineering or marketing sectors.

I opened a gateway for even labourers and lathe workers, linesmen, cooks, beauticians, mechanics, waiters and millions of those who cannot afford expensive placement services. We are pleased with the response that the site has managed to get so far and are confident that in this year we will not only achieve our targets but even supersede them.”

Considering the huge segment wants to target, it is indeed a daunting task but the portal takes pride in the ground that they have managed to cover in a short span of time.

What differentiates from the other job portals is that it is an excellent platform for both employers and employees and seeks to be the convergence point to cater to demands and supply of talents. What’s more is that the portal does not charge registration fees from the unskilled people. provides ample support to the unskilled workers that are proficient at the work they do but do not have the knack of getting the right job for themselves.

The main objective of the company is to provide online service for employer to hire employee or hire worker for their organisation or factories. provides step by step guidance to young aspirants that are at the start of their career. With the help of Theincircle, thousands of candidates are successfully placed across the globe.

“Having stood in the placement queue myself at one time in my life, I am well aware of what goes on in a job-seeker’s mind and now that I am an employer myself, I am well versed with the boss’s psyche. Both the experiences have helped us in refining our database and operations and that enable us to help suitable candidates and the best job givers to find each other,” says Abhimanyu Jain, Founder, (ANI)