‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’ set to launch on Android, iOS this month

Washington: ‘The Witcher’ universe is about to expand with the release of ‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’, a free augmented-reality exploration game.

As per The Verge, ‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’, the upcoming Pokemon Go-like augmented reality game for mobile devices set in ‘The Witcher’ universe, will be released on July 21.

The announcement was made by CD Projekt Red on Friday. It will be available for free on both Android and iOS.

In ‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’, users will explore the world around them and fight menacing virtual monsters in AR. Users will also go on “story-driven quests that propel you through epic adventures inspired by the Witcher series, taking you deep into the heart of what it means to be an elite monster slayer,” according to the game’s website.

The game was first announced in August 2020. If you are an Android user, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play right now. If you do, you’ll be able to play the game as soon as it launches and you’ll get access to a special sword that gives you extra experience for each monster kill.

The announcement comes a week before WitcherCon, a celebration of the franchise hosted by CD Projekt Red and Netflix, which streams the hit TV series.

There could be some exciting news from the event as it seems likely that fans will hear more details about the second season of the show, which Netflix has already shared a very brief teaser of, and CD Projekt Red has already promised that a next-gen update for ‘The Witcher 3’ is set to release this year.

Pokemon GO features regular events and promotions and has been a huge hit with players. It’s hoped that The Witcher: Monster Slayer could see similar success.