Charminar Pedestrian project on track, Thanks to Ivanka

Old city people feel that Ivanka should visit every year so that developmental works go on in a fast track mode.

CPP project taken by Govt. on priority now

But, no Metro in Old city

Siasat Daily survey reveals 90% of residents clamour for Metro rail

Hyderabad: Charminar, a 425- year old monument, will now see its renewed heritage as the government has taken the Charminar Pedestrian Project (CPP) on priority mode. This development has gained focus of the authorities due to Global Entrepreneurship Summit which will be held from November 28 and the delegation will be lead by Ms. Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump


Trafalgar square in London


The Ivy Cafe, Marylebone Lane, London
Traffic near the Monument

It took seventeen years for the government to take the project on mission mode. The CPP has been on talks since 2000 when the then Government of TDP allocated Rs 139 Crore for the project. Since then the project was lying in just papers only. The reason for this was due to Political interference of a Major political party of Old city, the AIMIM and due to lethargic attitude of the authorities who were handling the project.

Hyderabad M.P Asaduddin Owaisi

The pedestrian project around the monument Charminar would help people in various ways- one, it could increase the immovable asset prices near the monument, two, the pedestrian project works will enhance the beauty of the heritage structure and thereby increase tourism activity near the heritage structure and enrich the livelihoods of the persons living near the monument, three, generate both direct and indirect employment, and also increase the revenue of the government.

This project cost was estimated at Rs 139 Crore in 2000 , it was bloated to Rs 479.86 crore in 2010. The GHMC received only 1 Crore for the project in 2015-16. Not even 10% of the project has been completed. The Government should complete it in the next one year.

The heritage activists say that, government according importance to the monument is a good sign but neglecting the “Char Kaman” which is also a part of the monument fails the purpose of the project.

Many activists and traffic personnel are of the view that, just laying stones around the structure for beautification does not serve the purpose. What has to be done more is that vehicular pollution near the site must be reduced. For this creation of multi-level parking should be considered. There are no toilet facilities for the tourists visiting the monument. One has to go near the Ayurvedic Hospital for urgency situation.

Haphazard parking before eateries, shopping malls and wine shops is troubling the traffic movement and becoming a hectic task for the traffic personnel.

Atleast the government has now thought to prioritize the developmental works near the monument, be it on the eve of visit of Ivanka Trump.

One important way to reduce vehicular movement near the site is to expand the metro rail project to the Old city. But due to interference of AIMIM and lack of interest of authorities, the Old city cannot see the metro tracks going through its lanes. Initially, it was proposed to expand for 6 km into the Old city but later due to above said reason it was dropped.

According to an online survey conducted by Siasat daily, over 90% of old city residents clamour for metro rail through the Old city part of Hyderabad. On the contrary, the Old Delhi was included in the metro development works. The metro works in Old Delhi passed through main areas of Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and other areas.

Heavy traffic destroying the scenic beauty of the monument