Thanks to AAP, Modi mustering courage to campaign in Amethi: Yogendra Yadav

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav on Sunday asserted that it was due to the awakening brought about by the newly-floated party against the UPA government’s “misrule” that Narendra Modi was mustering courage to campaign in the Congress stronghold of Amethi.

“If Narendra Modi is planning to hold a rally in Amethi tomorrow, it is a big achievement for AAP. It shows that we have been successful in spreading across the message that even in a Lok Sabha constituency where Congress, particularly leaders belonging to the Nehru-Gandhi family were perceived to be invincible, there was a scope for change,” Yadav told reporters here.

The former academician who is one of the founding members of AAP, which grew out of the anti-graft movement led by Anna Hazare, said, “It is doubtful whether Modi would have taken the trouble to campaign in a constituency like Amethi had a perception not grown that mighty leaders could be defeated on their home turf. And this is what our party has been all about.”

Yadav said, “Our party has been receiving lots of support from the people across the country. I can not predict how many seats we are going to win in the Lok Sabha elections. But the tally is immaterial. AAP is an endeavor to prove that politics with a difference was possible. And we hope to grow stronger and stronger with time.”

Yadav, who has himself contested from Gurgaon Lok Sabha seat where he has alleged electoral malpractices, said, “There have been many such instances of poll rigging in other parts of the country which we have reported to the Election Commission.

“Unfortunately, the EC has not even bothered to reply to our communications. We are now faced with the last two phases of the elections in which all established parties might like to go for the kill.

The poll panel must pull up its socks to ensure voting is held in a free and fair manner”.PTI