‘Thank MP for meeting you,’ says BJP MLA to rape victim parents

Indore: The second suspect in the rape and torture of a seven-year-old minor victim was arrested by Mandasur Police on Friday.

According to the Police, the two suspects had planned the horrendous crime for a long time and zeroed it on a minor who would not fight back, TOI reported.

The second suspect identified as Asif (24) is believed to be a close aid of accused Irfan, who is in Police custody.

The accused had brutally raped her by penetrating objects inside her. The minor victim is currently battling for her life in a hospital where the doctors are operating multiple surgeries to stitch back her ripped intestines and her slashed throat.

The Police said the culprits took time collecting the objects they had penetrated inside the child after raping her. They allegedly cut her throat leaving her bleeding while they enjoyed their drink.

Amidst these arrests, the BJP MLA Sudarshan Gupta blurted out, “Saansad sahib ko dhanyavad deejiye, woh specially aap se milne yahan aaye hain (Thank the MP, he has come especially to meet you).”

Suddenly realizing what he said to the grieving parents while Mandsaur MP Sudhir Gupta was talking to the parents and they all paused for pictures, the MLA quickly added, “Let us know whatever you need…”

Clicking pictures with the grieving parents, the parents stood blankly while their little child stayed in agony.