Thane prisoners to play your favourite songs on FM

Mumbai: The Thane prisoners are more likely to entertain their inmates and others as they are set to launch their own FM radio station. If the government permits.

The prisoners will host their own radio station from next month. Called TCP (Thane central prison) radio centre, the radio will have programmes prepared by the inmates.

If the prisoners want to listen to their favourite songs, they have to send their request in advance to the RJs so that the songs may be aired.

The immediate vicinity of the prison area may also be able to tune into this special radio station and listen to the prisoners.

Thane central jail has recently opened a library by giving their inmates something to read and think and now the jail authorities have given them an opportunity to talk.

Hiralal Jadhav, superintendent of Thane jail said.”Over five to six jail inmates have been trained to be a radio jockey by RJ Shantanu Joshi and more of them will be trained in the next few days.”

He said. β€œThe prisoners will create their own shows and present them to the inmates.” He added that.”All the formalities to launch the station is over and we might launch it in the next 15 days.”

“We want the people who stay within five to six kilometre radius of Thane prison to tune into our radio station. Hence, we have asked the state government to increase our transmission jurisdiction,” he added.

The radio channels will help prisoners engage in positive activities. Important information are now being disseminated to the prisoners through them and this is also a major source of entertainment.

It was the state government’s directive in 2014 to various prisons to start FM stations for prisoner reform.