Thane massacre: Man who killed 14 family members sexually abused sister, probe suggests

Hasnain Warekar, who killed 14 members of his family in the wee hours of February 28 in Thane and then committed suicide, had borrowed heavily from his relatives, and had possibly sexually abused one of the sisters who was mentally challenged, police said on Saturday.

Hasnain (35), a commerce graduate, killed his wife, children, parents, three sisters and their children; but another sister, Subiya Barmar (22), survived the attack.

She is the sole eye-witness of the massacre which took place at Warekar family’s house in Kasarwadvali.

Among other things, she told the investigators that one of the sisters, Batul (who is among the dead), had told other sisters sometime in January that Hasnain sexually abused her, the joint commissioner of police Ashutosh Dumbre said on Saturday.

Batul was mentally challenged and unmarried.

The other sisters discussed this, and Hasnain came to know about it which probably prompted him to kill everybody, Subiya told the police.

During his killing spree, Subiya had heard their mother pleading with Hasnain not to kill her. “I have given birth to you, please spare me,” the mother told him before he killed her.

When Subiya locked herself in a room, Hasnain told her if she didn’t open the door he would kill her infant child, which he went on to do, the officer said.

Dumbre also confirmed reports that Hasnain, who was jobless for the last two years, used to borrow money from his relatives and owed a total of Rs 67 lakh to them.

He also dabbled in share-trading. The investigators found that he had rented a room in Majiwada area a few months ago, but it was not known what was the purpose.

Police had earlier found some medicines for mental illness in the house and are looking into the possibility that he suffered from ‘split personality’ disorder.