Thailand Princess Ubolratana disqualified to contest prime ministerial poll

Bangkok: Thailand’s Election Commission on Monday disqualified Princess Ubolratana from running for the post of Prime Minister the elections for which are scheduled to be held on March 24.

The Princess’ name was missing from the list of candidates published by the Election Commission on February 11, reports Sputnik. On February 8, the Princess had announced her campaign for the post of Prime Minister for the March 24 elections, on the ticket of Thai Raksa Chart Party.

This comes after Thailand’s reigning monarch, King Maha Vajiralongkorn publicly voiced his disapproval of the Princess’ foray into politics, while labelling the move as “inappropriate.”

The Constitution of the country designates the Royal family to be above politics, hence rendering them to a politically neutral stand in Thailand, the royal announcement issued in the King’s name on February 8 said.

“Any attempt to involve a high-level member of the Royal family in the political process–by whatever means, would be tantamount to breaching time-honoured royal traditions, customs, and national culture. Such action must be deemed transgression and most inappropriate,” the statement mentioned.

The same stands true for the Princess–the elder sister to the King–who relinquished her royal title after marrying a foreigner.

The Thai Raksa Party, which had given the ticket to the Royal family member, has since accepted the Royal decree as reports claim that high-ranking officials from the faction may seek a Royal pardon for their move as well.