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Thailand: Parents abandon infant with 2 inch cavity in head

Thailand: Parents abandon infant with 2 inch cavity in head

There are many cases where abnormal children, children born with deformities or disabilities are widely reported from all over the world. These innocent children are left to face the wrath of the society and sometimes their own parents.

Often many instances are also been reported where parents have become merciless and ended up murdering their abnormal child.

One such instance is reported from Thailand where a newborn Simon Sama was born with an abnormally large head in January.

The doctors operated on the infant to drain the excess fluid in his head which caused part of his skull to collapse and sink to cause a two-inch deep cavity in his head.

Though the child was operated once he still needs to undergo an operation soon in order to survive. His parents abandoned him and left the child with his grandmother.

His grandmother compares the child’s life with that of a vegetable which is alive but lies motionless since the child can neither make noise nor can crawl like his peers.

Simon needs immediate attention as he requires his next operation as soon as possible since his head continues to swell.

Simon’s doctors are now worried for Simon’s condition as they are not sure if Simon will get any better or the condition gets worse.